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I’m going to break from the norm this post and go over the stuff I like to do when I’m not at my PC.

It’s true, I masturbate at different locations!

Specifically, the stuff I do that doesn’t involve just gaming.  Because there’s more to entertainment than just MMOs, and as much as I love the genre a breakaway is a really good thing.

So the first thing I’ll bring up, of course, is the PS3.  I’d written about Destiny previously, and I still ultra-casually derp around in that game, but I’ve also played a bunch of other games on the system, and still do.  I will say, though, that the siren song of the newer systems is growing louder.  For example, say I would like to Smash some Brothers in a Super manner.  It would probably make me say “Wiiiii!”

Basically, I wanna punch Bowser in the dick.

Console gaming for me, though, has fallen off.  Likely due to the new hardware cycle.  It’s the way of things, really…and one of the pros of PC gaming.  I generally am not left behind most games despite my machine.  Unless your developer name is Crytek.

I also do watch a lot of TV.  Not that much, but there are some select shows that I enjoy the hell out of.  Prime on the list is Doctor Who, The Mysteries of Laura, The Blacklist and Top Gear UK.  All of these shows sort of scratch a unique itch in their own special way.  I also have gotten pretty deep in to Vikings recently.  It’s like Game of Thrones, except written competently.

Coincidentally, I’d like Ragnar to get deep in to me.

I have a couple of other subscriptions beyond MMOs.  I have a subscription to Netflix, but to be completely honest I don’t use the thing.  It confounds me why…I mean, it’s a bunch of anime and movies and TV shows anytime I want them.  But I hardly use the bloody thing.  It’s more for my partner’s benefit, if I’m honest.  Maybe when I get a really nice tablet…

I also have a subscription to a service called Skoshbox, which is a monthly little box of random Japanese snack treats sent to your door.  I got my first box in January and enjoyed it.  Even the bad parts.

So that’s the other goofball things in my life.  Come February, the final piece of goofball in my puzzle will be arriving from Wales.  He’s running a vlog which has gone strong for three years now.  My ass-face will be “gracing” his channel when he arrives here.  And as unphotogenic as I usually am, I’m looking forward to it.

Ideally there will be other stuff added to this pile.  Maybe I’ll actually use Netflix.