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I’ve been privy to a variety of chain letters over the course of my digital life.  This stuff was prevalent from the very first message boards, and has only really grown as more avenues are opened to personal contact.  It would have appeared that the “blogosphere” was free of this sort of thing…that perhaps one could find a respite from these ultimately self-important survey questions.

But then, Izlain had made me aware that there’s this thing called a Liebster Award, which is pretty much a chain letter with a Photoshopped award ribbon associated with it.

“Look, Wolfy! It’s shiny! Shiiinnnyyy…”

As much as I’m ragging on the idea, I am nothing if not complicit when it comes to lovely people asking me questions about myself.  Especially when I’m a bit hard-up on what to write.  So, as requested by Izlain, and because I’m sure everyone else is just dying to know about this stuff, here are my responses to the 11 questions forwarded on to me.

1. What’s your favorite video game character?
Okay, so this one is gonna probably strike some nerves or illicit a variety of eyerolling responses, but my favorite video game character is Samus Aran.

She was the very first female character I was exposed to who was a genuinely powerful individual, and she quite literally shaped my idea of a heroic form for years and years and years….to the point that whenever I write a roleplay character, I can’t turn myself away from making that avatar a female.  Powerful female heroes have always intriuged and delighted me, and Samus was my first…and you never forget your first.

In fact I’m so much in love with the character that I was more than willing to suffer through that terrible Other M game in order to hear her speak and just leap around and ram my arm cannon into an alien’s mouth.  Even though what that game did to the character is pretty unforgivable, it was moar Samus.  I want moar Samus.


2. What’s your favorite soda?
I have this strong adoration for Mountain Dew, which ticks the “white” “gamer” “dude” boxes in my Stereotypical Gamer Character Sheet…though the other favorite soda I like is Faygo of pretty much all flavors.  Except for RedPop…that stuff is just gross.

3. Do you drink alcohol? What kinds?
Son, drinking alcohol is the only way I handle the pains of a customer service job.

Yes, I drink alcohol.  Not copious amounts, exactly, but I am a regular enough drinker to just take the edge off the day.  My favorite drinks really run a broad spectrum, though of recent I’ve been very much about apple ciders. Strongbow Gold Apple and 1886 are two favorites, though I’ve also found a really lovely ice wine that’s made in this area as well.  As for beer, my preferred label is anything by Samuel Adams, though I’m not against trying some random stuff that I pluck from a craft your own 6-pack section.

4. Did you start a blog to showcase your writing, or just to vent?
Initially it was mostly to focus on my writing, to sharpen technique and perhaps to showcase myself and my writing to folks who maybe were interested.  I have found that, as this blog moves on, it is rather a cathartic sort of experience.  I don’t really vent, though…at least, I don’t feel I do,so much as try to spread humor and positive feelings.  Now, not every blog I post is going to be that same sort of note, but overall I feel like there’s enough places online for people to bitch.  I don’t want this space to be one of them.

How my posts get crafted, generally.

5. If you had to choose, would you pick life-long love or enough money to sustain you for life?
This one’s a tough one, because I don’t really believe myself to be a cold person.  However, I am also very comfortable in the knowledge that I am a self-absorbed individual, and so I would rather have money to sustain me for life.  People come and go.  Bills stay forever.

6. Beard or no beard?
No beard. My ancestry has made it very clear that any attempts to grow facial hair will be about as successful as my career in the NFL.

7. What’s your favorite genre of music?
I have a pretty broad and diverse taste in music, but my preferred genre out of the lot would be heavy metal.

8. Your current boss fires you. Are you happy or sad?

Does this answer that question?

9. Why do you think I nominated you for this award?
I’d like to think that it’s because I was found captivating enough to learn more about me personally, but I’m beginning to believe now that maybe it’s because you wanted to see me suffer in trying to come up with 11 witty responses.

10. What’s your favorite TV show right now?
There’s not a great deal of TV that I watch, but a couple of shows I will make time for will be The Blacklist and The Mysteries of Laura.  Both James Spader and Debra Messing are delicious.

11. Who’s your celebrity crush?
Patrick Stewart.  He seems like he’d be a wonderful person to have a nice meal with.  I mean, the man was rocking a lobster suit in a bathtub.  That right there is a sign of a quality guy.

So that’s it.  Those were the questions posed to me.  Here would be the point where I would post my own 11 questions and then nominate another five folks, as per the Standard Operating Procedures of Chain Letter Etiquette…but there’s just one problem.

I’m where chain letters come to DIE.

…also, I can’t actually come up with five names or 11 questions right now.  Give me a few moments to think that up and I’ll be sure to update this post with that information.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m counting down the days until Heavensward releases.