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…vitamin D, that is.

Look, here’s the thing.  A few days ago, my husband and I went to a renaissance fair in our area.  It was our first time experiencing this one, and it was almost immediately decided to become an annual event for us.

But more than that, it got the two of us thinking about other nerdly pursuits that involve being outdoors.  More specifically, it got us thinking about LARP’ing.

Clearly, we're thespians.

Clearly, we’re meant for this.

It has been, however, spectacularly difficult to find this sort of activity.  I mean, there are more than a few LARP groups in the region we live in, but the details are all well above our heads.  There is, clearly, a greater level of effort than I had first assumed.

That’s not to think I figured this whole thing would be easy.  I roleplay and so understand that coming up with an interesting character that incites interaction is a challenge…and so I assumed that putting that in to play in meatspace would be at least ten times harder.  But I was not expecting the roadblocks that would be immediately thrown up at us.

The first, of course, is timing.  I work at night during weekends in a service industry of sorts.  I don’t get holidays, I get “key business days”.  So of COURSE the first thing we’d see is that the groups we looked at operate on weekends only.

Second is cost.  It’s a matter of budgeting which can be done with time, but it is going to be admittedly hard to write out a budget for “foam weapons” and “sweet outfits”.


We will never be as sweet as this dude, however.

Finally, there’s the rules.  i would assume that there is some leeway offered by groups to allow new players to enter and even feel that they are included.  But at the same time, we have no primers.  There is no previous experience from which we can draw from.  Simply put, we are noobs of the highest order.

That said, I still don’t want to completely shy away from this desire.  It looks like it’d be a hell of a lot of fun, and God knows I could use the exercise.  And besides, even if my character ends up being slaughtered from the very moment we arrive, at least there will have been an attempt made.  Maybe we’ll be let back in?  Who knows.  Again, I don’t have the foggiest on how this stuff works.

So I suppose this post is really just a circular way of saying “How do?”.  I don’t know if any among my readership are versed in this sort of thing, but it would be great to understand how this works, where to look…there’s got to be some instruction manuals out there somewhere.

Or we could all just flop on each other.

Or we could all just flop on each other.

The whole event has lit a need that I don’t think either of us knew we had.  Still, the bumps on the route to finding out more have doused us in cold water.  Perhaps, then, we’re not meant to experience this sort of thing.  Perhaps we’re biting off more than we can chew.  Perhaps we’ll just get some outfits for the next year’s festival.  It will give me some content for this blog, certainly…in spite of how awful I photograph.

I really do hope that we can sort it all out, though.  It would be nice to get out for a change….and I don’t know what would create a change more than putting on an entirely different persona.