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It’s day 10 and I derped out on what I wanna write about, so I should first give an immediate shout-out to A Green Mushroom for his posting on the Blaugust 2015 Writing Prompts thread.  In said thread, he asks this question:

f you were to create content for a different medium what would you choose? Videos, Streaming, Podcast, Something Else? What about that medium appeals to you as a content creator?


If I were to do something instead of blogging, though, I would very likely choose to do a podcast or a video series.  I had actually considered doing this thing as a video series specifically associated with Final Fantasy XIV.  The blog metamorphosized from a weekly video series called “The Weekly Wark” to a nerd-related food and recipe blog called “The Fat Chocobo” to the final form it is today.

Video content creation is one of my favorite mediums for its malleable sensation as well as its challenge.  I find cutting together and writing and planning a video series is a lot of really mentally engaging work.  And that’s sort of why it fell apart for me.  As much as I would like to make a video series (and think I’d be okay at it), the amount of time required to piece together a really good video series is far beyond my time management ability.  I always feel like a weekly vidcast deserves a lot of attention to make it engaging.  I don’t have that sort of time.

I’m also not nearly pretty enough.

So then that led me to podcasting or some sort of a talky program.  I had been invited to the Couch Podtatoes podcast and was even demanded at Nerf gunpoint asked to come up with my own series of topics.  Izlain was a very kind host and was easy to talk to even though it was the first time I’d ever done this sort of thing, and it gave me a bit of an idea in my head on how I could operate a podcast.

The fact that Izlain runs a blog as well as a podcast is pretty damned staggering to me, and I still have no idea how he does it.  But he does it.  And I couldn’t do it, for much the same reason why I didn’t think a podcast would work for me.  The amount of forethought and plotting for a truly good podcast seems like it’d be more than what my personal free time would allow.  And even though I have a good face for radio, it just wasn’t the best medium.

What I’m saying is I’m an ugly man.

So eventually I settled on the blog as just a blog, galvanized by the idea of the Newbie Blogger Initiative and enamored by the amount of other writers and support from same that I have found.  And so it goes, one year later in to my first-ever journey in to Blaugust.

I haven’t fully regretted the decision to fire up Wolfy’s Eyes.  I’ve had my doubts once in a while, but I suppose that’s pretty much normal.  What I’ve gained from doing this–both blogging and Blaugust–has been more valuable to me as a wannabe writer.

I think I made the right choice of medium.