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As I type this, I’ve had a few in me.

“Yeah he has.”

Shuddup, I was talking about beers.  In fact, having the beers I’ve had made me think about beers more.  Specifically, beers in MMO’s.

I don’t think there’s a lot of beers in MMO’s.  And, granted, the fact that people who are underage may indeed be playing these games. But at the same time, I’m not sure that a lot of love is given to the wonder of beer in an MMO.

Speaking personally, if I were a person who darted about slaughtering things for the sake of a realm’s safety, I’d need several drinks.  We have places where drinking is implied, sure, but there’s no actual drinking that happens.  I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise because that sort of thing is pretty difficult to translate in to a digital realm.  But still, there don’t seem to be a lot of festivals where beer is celebrated.

There are even MMO races who hold beer in high regard.  The Norn are a race who are literally surrounded by kegs and have a beirgarten in their home city.  The Granok regard those who create beer as the highest order of their society.  But ultimately, these are nods to the glorious beverage without actually, directly partaking.

Pretty much how nearly everyone feels whilst drinking beer.

I only ever recall one MMO where I was actually having my character get drunk, and that was in WoW.  The screen was spinning, my character’s “s”‘s were being re-typed as “sh”‘s…it was actually pretty funny.  I can’t say I’ve ever had my speech impaired to the level that the game had displayed, but regardless, it was pretty damned funny.

I don’t know that a lot of people enjoyed it quite as much as I did, or perhaps there was a lot of worry about being politically correct or concern for the children.  But be that as it may, there have not been a lot of in-game events that really celebrate beer.

And I freakin’ love beer.  I make characters in-game who love beer.  Why can’t we have beer?  There are, of course, roleplay events to follow through with the need for my characters to drink.  That’s an easy out, though, and I kind of wish more MMO’s would actually have events centered around drinking.

Seriously, WildStar, you could be the one to make this happen.

This whole post has gone off of the rails a bit, but then again I still kind of have a point with regards to it all.  Ultimately, it’s about making fun and unique events for the MMO community to partake in.  And not many things say “This is where the party is located” quite like beer does.

It’d be nice to have my character manage their level of drinking.  Or, really, the use of any sort of vice (within reason) should play a bit more of a role in the game’s world-building.  Vices are a part of the condition of humanoids.  These are parts of life that should be nodded to.  Not the central focus, mind you, but there should be at least acknowledgement.

But, then, I suppose I can’t be surprised by the fact that such things aren’t built in.  Vices are dangerous, and there is the risk of glorifying bad behavior or stupid decisions.

Much like writing a blog while a bit drunk.

MMO’s have events, but none of them really feel like celebrations anymore.  I want to have a really big, loud, raucous celebration happen in my MMO’s.  I would love for my characters to get stupid drunk.

It’d be the thing I would do after seeing the stuff my characters have.