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So the Letter from the Producer for XIV happened.  In it, there was a great deal of outline for the coming large content patch, 3.1.  In typical fashion for this game, a great deal of things are being applied that are definitely exciting.  New dungeons, a new Primal, lots of adjustments to the current jobs and a complete surprise in the form of the Minion RTS game Lords of Verminion.

The whole thing is pretty damned interesting…but at the same time, there are still some questions.  There’s still hopes.  There’s still a list of things that I want this patch to be.  And because I’m VERY eager to write anything that springs to mind as a result of Blaugust, let’s line those out, shall we?

Even if someone will likely write a better lineup than me.

SPOILER ALERT:  This article is going to once more discuss spoilers for the Main Scenario Quest of the game.  If you haven’t played through, please stop here!


First off, we have the Blessing of Light returned to us, so I hope that the new Main Quests will involve us single-handedly taking out some Ascian ass.  It felt good to wipe out the Ascian Prime (or at least get him to a state where Thordan could lazor them), so it will be nice to be rid of what I feel are some of the most annoying villains in the game’s fiction.

I don’t expect this one patch to get rid of ALL of them…but at least a whiff that we can do so would be lovely.

Second, I DESPERATELY hope that the path to getting Esoterics begins to smooth out a bit.  As I’ve stated a couple of times before, doing the same two dungeons over and over is what made me leave the game at 2.1, so I really hope that the new dungeons will interject some variety.

Coincidentally, I hope that the Void Ark offers up some great gear that can perhaps fill in the gaps between Eso earnings.  I absolutely adored the Crystal Tower series in spite of the silly-ass weekly lockout, so I’m hoping for a lot more of the same from the Big Spikey Pencil Box in the Sky.

I mean, seriously...

I mean, seriously…

Next, I am hoping that the Lords of Verminion mini-game is as fun as I hope it will be.  I am more excited for this than I had ever believed I would be.  I don’t expect to be very good at it, but I really am shocked at this being put together to a point where it will actually see release.

Someone in the comments section of a related MassivelyOP article mentioned that the game play might work out like this game here….a game called Lords of Vermilion.  Comparing the video below with the screenshot that was shown during the Letter, it seems like a pretty good conclusion to draw.


So it looks a lot more involved and intense than I had first supposed.  Which pretty much guarantees my sucking.  But it also looks like it could be a lot of fun.  Plus, I mean…Fat Chocobo fighting.  What’s NOT to adore?

Finally, I’m hoping that the adjustments to the new classes are sufficient.  Personally, I’m looking towards what they’ll be doing to Dark Knight, of course.  I had read somewhere that there would be adjustments to how Blood Weapon works, but I’m not totally sure.  I’d much rather that they take Living Dead out behind the shed and kill it in order to replace it with a MUCH better “Oh shit” button…but I don’t think I’ll be holding my breath and will instead continue to leave it out of my rotation.


All in all there are a lot of things to be eager for.  This game seems to have a patch cadence that suits me the best, and has content infusions that make a mockery of other MMO’s, sub-based or otherwise.  I still expect there to be some cock-ups.  I expect that there will be something that falls below expectation.  I even completely expect that I will be wrong in a lot of my hopes and assumptions.

Even so…that’s sort of the fun for me.  And I’m looking forward to it.