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A few days ago, I had written a blog about WildStar’s housing.  I also admitted to my own annoyance at my level of skill.  But, just like anything that requires an amount of skill or personal ability, that should only be able to improve with practice.  Kelzam Duskthorn himself has mentioned that he has made maps for old FPS games for a long time before entering WildStar, so it would stand to reason that he has all those many months or years of practice under his belt to aid him.

So, what if I really tried?  What if I applied myself to a concept, and really focused to make it come to life?  What if I also outlined this process as I go along for my blog?

Basically, I’m going to Bob Vila this shit.

My first stop on my idea to come up with a concept was to lay out a plan.  Specifically, I’m planning out a housing plot for my Exile Aurin Healslinger, Kael Dashwind.  Just in case I haven’t mentioned it already, Kael is essentially a self-described gun-nurse and professional huggist.  His specialties are field triage, medicine research and manufacture and biological research.

The idea for his housing plot will basically be a medical facility, with a reception area leading things off, along with a triage and emergency care area, a terrarium for growing and studying plants from Nexus, an R&D center where he keeps case studies as well as equipment for making the salves he loads in to his pistol, and a closed off biohazard study, which houses an active biophage growth region to study the effects of the Strain and see if perhaps some of its benefits could be safely harnessed.  Adjacent to this area will be a “clean room” where full scrubbing will happen before and after entering this room.

The layout idea came as a result of some of the Plugs my plot already has–namely a Flower Garden FABkit, a Medical Station FABkit, and a Corrupted Lab.  I also had a Science Lab plug, but I’m no so sure I want to use that, by virtue of the fact that it sort of doesn’t allow me to link up to the rest of my design because some plugs spring up invisible walls.

With this all in play, I next decided that I should look at how others have set up a medical station or a medbay area in their housing.  This has proven a bit more difficult, as I haven’t really been able to find many people who share their medical centers in the open.  I found lots of other neat housing pictures and stuff during my search, though.

image courtesy of Wildstar Wikia


So, I have an idea and now I need to have a plan.  Here, I decided to try to map out how I wanted the whole thing to look.  I had some free time during work yesterday and decided to try to plot my plot.  With a rough map drawn, I now have what could be the makings of a suitable medical center for my gun-nurse.

Obviously, I am a very productive worker.

Obviously, I am a very productive worker.

I’m almost positive that I’ve got the thing mapped out completely wrong, since I was away from my game and couldn’t really confirm the geometry or location of plugs and FABkits, but I did at least look at someone’s map of a Skyplot, so that gave me a rough idea.

As you can see, the majority of the Skyplot is going to be empty space, but I will have hallways that are all walled and ceilinged off in order to give the illusion of a larger complex upon entering the instance.  This should, hopefully, cut down on the amount of décor needed to arrange the whole thing.

There are a couple of things I have to keep in mind, though.  One is the décor limits, which have been raised but still are going to force me to use materials intelligently in order to allow me ample room to apply décor.  Second, the floorplan itself could be completely scrapped once F2P’s patch hits, as reportedly Housing plots will see a significant size increase.  Ideally, then, this layout will allow some room on the sides to expand outward.

There are also finer details this blueprint doesn’t really consider that I’d like to add.  For example, the Biophage Research area is going to be walled off from the rest of the lab, but I would like a bunch of glass tunnels surrounding it as a sort of “observation deck” so people can peek inside.  I’m not quite sure how to lay that all out either, but some very neat things are possible with the glass décor items.

Clearly. HAH! I’m hilarious.

The whole point of all of this is, basically, threefold.  One, I’m looking to come at WildStar’s housing with a more concise plan and vision, which should hopefully allow me to avoid the initial “Whoa…..now wut?” feeling I get when I phase in.  Two, I’m hoping that this plot of mine will become useful for RP purposes as F2P approaches and more RP opportunities present themselves.  And three….well….this is kind of my style of endgame.  I’m not really about a gear chase in this title, and I’d like to become an elite Houser instead of an elite Raider.

Or if not elite, then at least become pretty okay at it.

If any of his made for interesting reading, feel free to let me know and I’ll continue to share my ideas, discoveries, findings and tips as I continue on with this project.  And if anyone reading has any neat ideas or suggestions, then I am most definitely all ears.

Seriously.  My character has big-ass ears.