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I am typing this blog post from my cellphone in the parking lot of a nearby strip mall. I’m sitting in my car, essentially hogging a parking spot near a local GameStop, except I’m far enough away where I should hopefully not be earning too many asshole points. There are seagulls wheeling around, which has me considering the wisdom of whether the sunroof should be open or not.

“I’d suggest not.”

The reason I’m doing this in such a weird manner is because the weather has finally decided to be seasonal, and I can stand to be outside without turning in to a greasy bag of fat. Thinking about this, it sort of is a great synopsis of me–sitting in the climate I enjoy, in front of a place that caters to a hobby I love, doing a thing I have found to be a great form of release and talent.

Well…the talent thing is up for debate…but I am enjoying this all the same.

Thing is, we could maybe all stand to be enveloped in our delights, even if it is only about an hour before one has to report to work or whatever. In this state, right now, I find myself just….being. I don’t really think or find myself meandering in to worry. I just am.

I dunno why I wanted to share that with anyone here. But I did. So I am. I’m just gonna sit and soak it in. And I hope that anyone reading this has time to do the same today. Or soon.

A “real” post will be live in a couple of days. I have some article ideas I wanna line out, I just need to collect some footage and things. But I just wanted to sorta just share a seat with you all.

Now if only I could be rocking a Long Island iced tea right now…