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…look, I know the title sucks, but it’s a sequel to one of my posts shuddup.

Specifically, this is a sequel to my musings about internet spaceships in general and Star Citizen in specific.  I was sort of hoping to ignore the elephant in the room, but I have to face facts.  The entire thing going down with the game, its devs and its detractors has gotten to me.  Against my own better judgment and event my own advice to others to ignore haters…its there, like a bunch of mosquito bites.

“Chris Roberts is a con artist!” *sluuuurp*

Thing is, this is beyond being a troll or a hater. This has now stretched outward in to a bona-fide legal matter.  Ticked off by Derek Smart, and now perpetuated by The Escapist’s recent report about the game’s office environment, the whole thing has spun itself into coalescence the size of a planet.  A planet made out of angry words and ugly feelings.

It’s a sick sort of fascination I feel about the whole matter.  On the one hand, I sort of am rooting for CIG and company to finally attack all the bile being thrown at them…but on the other hand, you have to believe that a website wouldn’t actively seek a staring contest with a company unless they really, honestly felt they had a case.  Right?  The information being handed on both sides is so murky, so spin-like and so self-serving that even thinking about it makes me feel…


…I can’t believe this is what came up on Google for the word. But it does NOT illustrate my feelings.

Nothing positive can come out of this whole matter, regardless of the resolution.  If Star Citizen wins, they’ll have wasted time and effort and money on clearing a name that was besmirched by a League of Extraordinary Assholes.  If they lose, then the bubble on crowdfunding may well and truly burst, and the shockwaves of the supernova could incinerate other projects and overall consumer confidence.  And in both cases, the poor folks who are simply trying to develop a really neat game could be dragged through the mud.

All because two guys wanted to have a pissing contest.

The genre of the Internet Spaceship MMO is woefully underserved.  There are three games that spring to mind when I consider the game style–the not-my-cup-of-tea EVE Online, the scrappy, solid underdog Ascent: The Space Game, and the title that kind of just keeps on keeping on, Elite: Dangerous.

It might be considered the “Wal-Mart Star Citizen”, but at least it’s actually functioning.

More and more, I want to be removed from the swamp of Star Citizen and its fart gas and experience….like, REALLY experience what the other games out there truly have to offer.

Bar EVE.  Sorry, just…not a fan.  It ain’t a fit.

Recent stories have piqued my interest on Elite: Dangerous, though there are more than a few numerous reports that the game is a boring, grindy mess.  I suppose there is every potential that Star Citizen could very well end up the same way, to be fair…but at least maybe the activities would be engaging enough.  The sense of being personally in the ship and in the universe could be enough.

Maybe Elite can offer that as well?  It’s hard to really say, and I’m not sure I wan to buy in full on a “maybe”.

There is, of course, Ascent.  This game is just…it is a darling.  It is pretty damn near feature-complete and is totally serviceable as an internet spaceship title.  I had puttered around in it about four or five months ago, and while I found the game to be cute, that was about it.  It was cute.  Not really a world I could immerse myself in.  Which is sort of what I want.  Though perhaps some time has been kinder to it…

Also it’s on Steam now so…y’know…

And then there’s the option of wait and see.  Enjoy the modules that are out there now, keep eyes on the actual project and try like hell to ignore the glowing mushroom cloud just a bit in my field of peripheral vision. More and more, that is becoming a challenge.

A challenge I just do NOT want.

….egh, I dunno.  Maybe I’ll just fire up Kerbal Space Program instead.