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I read a blog written by someone who mostly loves EVE Online.  I am not a fan of the game, but reading those writings of himself and a few others still intrigue me, even if the game doesn’t.

My husband a couple weeks ago lost his mind with delight over the fact that an episode of Doctor Who included a rhythm guitar in the title theme.  I rolled my eyes and smirked, but I get it.

I love watching people love things like they do.  In a digital world where “fanboy” is used as a weapon, I’m here to announce that I fanboy over fanboys.

…which makes me sound a bit creeper-y, but whatever.

Truthfully, I’m not sure where the idea that really liking a thing is a negative.  Sure, there’s contingents of folks who take their fan love a bit too close to vest.  And there’s those who turn every part of fiction in to a masturbatory aid.  But regardless of these fringes, they’re only fringes.  A small subset.  It’s still fun for me to be embroiled in a fanbase’s enjoyment.

When you face someone who genuinely loves a thing and can express that adoration without sounding like a mad scientist, I can’t help but smile a little and listen.  It gives me a window in to a world that otherwise was clouded by my own assumptions.  Granted, the opinions I take in are likely biased, but then so am I.  That’s sort of what an opinion is, really–a form of personal bias.

Sometimes I even find myself being wrapped up in to something that I never would have thought I’d try.  The aforementioned Doctor Who, for example.  I’d heard about it from other friends and almost every single one of them universally adored it, but their descriptions of the show made it sound like X-Files and Adam West Batman had a baby.  At the urging of my now-husband, though, I gave the show a shot and found out that not only was I absolutely right in my assumption, but the whole thing is still a huge deal of fun in spite of it.  Now not only can I enjoy the show but can enjoy the fanbase on a bit of a deeper level, even if there are some who balk at the fact that my first exposure to the character is Matt Smith.

You never forget your first, they say.

Even if it’s something I don’t fully grasp, I still find that I get a little nip of happiness from being around an energized fanbase.  It’s like finding a nice warm beam of sunshine and I’m a cat that is compelled to fold my limbs beneath myself and bask.  Maybe there’s a bit of sadness that I’m ignorant of whatever the source is, but ultimately I close my eyes and purr.

Like, literally purr.  Totally a thing I do.

So why rage at someone who enjoys something?  Perhaps it’s jealousy.  That a group of people can so adore something without question, without a whiff of malice or cynicism that it makes others get angry that they can’t or won’t feel that way.  It’s a little sad and a lot silly a thing to be angry at, but then that sort of just feeds in to what I can only assume is a natural desire to be part of some group or tribe.  There are, after all, just as many people who hate bronies as there are people who are bronies.  Still doesn’t make it not-silly.

Try to say “I am angered that men like colorful cartoon horses” without sounding like a moron.

So this one goes out to all of those who adore anything with a passion that makes others kinda lean back in their chairs just a little.  Whether it’s Star Wars, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, WildStar, console games, PC games, Doctor Who or Real Housewives of a Major Metropolitan City.  Enjoy.  Revel.  Know that there’s at least one person who can appreciate how lovely that really is.  Even if he’s not a part of the flock.