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It is so simple to scoff at a highly popular fantasy franchise.  Especially one that has the marketing machine that Harry Potter does.  In fact, I’m one of those folks.


If you make a magic wand remote control, it’s easy to write you off, if we’re honest.

Regardless of the silliness level of the merch, however, Harry Potter has created an indelible mark on pop culture.  And one of the coolest things its done is ignite a passion for reading in younger people.

Admittedly, my only direct exposure to the fandom or the series itself is through the movies.  That said, I was aware of the books and of the backstory of J.K Rowling.  I was also impressed with the level of excitement by so many over a series of books.  In a day and age where new cellphones cause worldwide hysteria, seeing a series of novels create a large stir was wonderful.

Which is kind of weird coming from me, because I love tech and gaming and stuff like that.  It’d be easy to assume that I also don’t love to read.  But you’d be wrong.  In fact, the combination of tech and books in the form of a Kindle is probably one of the most delicious mixtures ever created since chicken wings and buffalo sauce.


Excluding the celery. WHY with the freaking celery??

Sure, when it comes to books and then other mediea releases later, there’s going to be those pedantic twatbiscuits who always bemoan about the book being greater than the film and all that…but despite the spawning ground of that behavior, the fact that Harry Potter made people want to read is a beautiful thing.  It, ideally, has kept people engaged in finding other stories and worlds to lose themselves in.

As far as Harry Potter itself?  Well, there’s a reason it made a compelling book, in my view–the world of the series felt engaging and mystical and escapist without really overdoing itself.  That’s the hallmark of a great fantasy, in my eyes.  Something that makes you want to whisk away there and ignore the doldrums of your everyday.  There’s delight and excitement in that feeling, and the Harry Potter series brought that to so many different people for so long.

So, here’s to you Harry.  I may not totally follow everything that’s going on with your universe, but I love your existence for making reading cool again.


Also, for giving Daniel Radcliffe a career. Seriously, what a great actor.