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As we close down the year, it’s kind of expected that everyone has a moment to reflect.  Which is a wonderful idea for blogging material because I am kind of lax right now going through the holidays.


I blame Christmas ham.

So these next few days I’m going to be taking a look at my personal year that was in pieces. starting with the gaming segment…which, thinking back on it now, has been pretty full.

I really can’t talk about gaming overall without mentioning my MMO’ing habits, of course.  Which leads right back in to Heavensward and WildStar.  No matter what other games I play, these two continue to reel me back in despite a variety of problems with both myself and the games themselves.  It’s been a source of great entertainment, illustrating not only my varied playstyle preferences but also my characterization variety when it comes to roleplay.


This pink fluffbutt will forever be a favorite character of mine.

At the same time, I saw my MMO horizons slowly start to grow outside of my comfort zone.  It wasn’t always successful–The Repopulation has been a pretty severe letdown, even before the whole Hero Engine kerfuffle slammed the handbrake, and I’ve already vented my spleen regarding Landmark–but overall I feel good not only about the games I’m peeking in to but the ones I’ve backed.  Star Citizen has been a mental rollercoaster, but overall looks to be something that will be my internet spaceship home.  Camelot Unchained continues to feel like the sort of PvP game I can stand without feeling jittery and gross.  And Pumpkin Online, while scaling back its scope, is coming in to its own as a unique bit of game.

There’s also been the other “snack” MMO’s that I get the itch to fire back up once in a while.  The Secret World remains something that will always have a grip on me, tenuous as it may be some days.  Elder Scrolls Online has been a sort of fantasy MMO vacation home for me.  Guild Wars 2 has been winking at me, mostly because I am a sucker for expansion pack draws and I wanna see what Heart of Thorns could offer.  I managed to snap up Elite: Dangerous on the cheap just to have a look, though I’m yet to really dive full in to that title yet.  Even Blade and Soul has begun to set some hooks in, though I have a feeling that it will become less sticky than other games.


Don’t look at me like that.  You’re a fun game, but your universe is not that compelling.

More than just MMO’s, though, I’ve been more and more diving back in to my console gaming love, though with less frequency than PC or MMO gaming.  In specific, the Wii U we got continues to be a shining star underneath the TV console. This bad boy features some of the single most fun games I’ve ever experienced…even if I’m not that great at them.  Mario Maker is just good fun, even when it’s bad in most cases.  Splatoon is about the only online shooter I can stand for any length of time.  Super Mario 3D World has been one of those great shoulder-to-shoulder co-op games that my husband and I goof around in from time to time.  We also have Disney Infinity 3.0, which has been rotated out but still makes a fun title along with being a seriously good series of collectibles.  Even better than the Amiibos.

The PS4 hasn’t been a particularly large letdown, though I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it’s not seeing really heavy use.  We have Star Wars Battlefront which is good in small bites, and I wan to pick up Bloodbourne and my husband wants to pick up Assassin’s Creed: Unity soon.  Really, though, 2015 has not been a very huge deal for that console.  Still, we’re looking forward to firing it up and feeding it as the new year wears on.  Specifically, I’m looking towards the new Final Fantasy games and he’s waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to become a thing.



“How long are we going to have to hold this pose?”

Overall, I am hardly spoiled for choice, and I don’t think I could possibly be any happier for it.  Looking in to 2016, there’s the new crowdfunded goodness to look forward to, as well as seeing where my existing roster goes.  Considering how expansions pretty much were the ruling feature of 2015, I’m hoping that I’ll see the MMO’s I play now continue to grow.  I’m side-eyeing how the console releases will line up.  And I’m finally starting to work out how to make it all fit in and feed my needs.

Tomorrow, I’d like to talk about this blog, writing and how that’s changed and grown this past year.  Spoiler alert: it’s been pretty freakin’ awesome.