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As a man and a gamer, I feel like the women who love to game are owed an apology. And while I’m hardly the authority on what manliness is, I feel like I should at least get this out there because…well, because I think it needs to be heard, frankly.

So. Ladies. I’m sorry for what’s been going on in gaming of recent. You all doing okay, though? ‘Course you are. You’ve put up with dumber shit I wager.

All the same, I’m sorry. On behalf of guys, I’m sorry that we tend to react like morons when it comes to your body appearance. I suppose I could blame deep-rooted instincts that make guys react to large breasts and wide hips as beneficial to future offspring, but that sounds like a loser’s way out.

I’m sorry that people lose their shit whenever your anatomy reacts to a variety of fabrics. It’s not your fault, obviously, but I still wanted to apologize for the silliness at best and harmful and creepy shit at worst.

I’m sorry that companies still don’t “get” you when you’re just a fucking human damn being. Coincidentally, I’m sorry when you’re told you’re being pandered to. You might be a market for some, but your inclusion is valuable, and I hope you won’t be put off from gaming. Because, eventually, we’ll all get to a point where a woman holding a controller or sitting at a PC isn’t going to be a big deal. At least, it won’t if you keep trying.

I’m sorry emotional asshat guys blame you for being emotional asshats. I know you already find the irony of that silly, but I wanted to say it anyway.

Most of all, I’m sorry that it took a gay dude to say some of this stuff. I don’t pretend to speak for every guy, and I know that not every guy is like that. I know my words are probably not going to carry a great deal of weight or have very broad wings. But I just wanted to encourage.

You’re awesome.