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Like some lazy kaiju, I rise from the waters to strike!



Gypsy Syl had touched on this in her own blog a while ago, but in my case it’s relevant to my rather long spans of silence here. I’ve taken a sort-of spring break, and I found it supremely healthy…which made me think that this would be good to talk about for the Newbie Blogger Initiative.

I had mentioned before (I think?) that I feel like regular readers should be rewarded with regular content. I also, however, had mentioned that I reserve the right to change my mind. If Blaugust taught me anything it’s that keeping a schedule is a pain in the ass. For me, at least. The fun thing feels less like a fun thing and more like a job with no real purpose and that doesn’t pay. I already have one of those, I didn’t need to create another for myself.

I haven’t been idle entirely, writing-wise. I have been coming up with some cool things to write about for MMOGames. And it certainly isn’t for lack of some things to blog or talk about, either in MMO’s, gaming or personal stuff. It’s just been…well, it’s been a rough first quarter. And that’s okay! If you’re going to start a blog, you shouldn’t feel guilty for needing to step back and just play for the sake of playing. Trust me, playing a game to write about is fun, but it also is still a form of work, and it’s an attitude that can bleed in to blogging. Even if you’re blogging about a passion.


“Oh God, I have to make something for dailydoilies dot com AAAGH!!”

So here’s my advice, from one blogging noobiscuit to another – don’t stress the pauses. Take a moment to recharge or have fun. Rediscover the thing that made you want to write and share. Hell, do something else entirely removed from the topic so you can arrive with a fresh eye. And in any of those cases, don’t feel like you need to set a time limit. If you think you need longer or shorter, cool! Go for it.

It all boils down to the weird battle between the want to be creative and share that creative work and the striking realization that being creative isn’t fulfilling but an expectation of you or your only defining feature. We’re all pretty multi-faceted and we all have more to ourselves than what’s projected online or in a blog. So taking a breather to realign to that truth is important, no matter how let down readers might feel. In the end, it’s WAY better than burning out and getting frustrated to the point that your passion becomes an aggravation.


“Oh yay. More salad to write about. Yaaaaaayyyy…”

So yes. I was off this blog for a while. I’m sure my metrics have dropped a bit, but yanno what? That’s okay too. I’m writing not for the metric gain but for the hope that a few people enjoy what I’m putting out. Truly. I’m not expecting to be Belghast or Mr. Peril or Syp and Syl. I’m just me. And me needed a little break from the blogging.

I’m back now, though, and it’s NBI 2016 and I can’t wait to share it with you all and increase my blogroll. Welcome to an awesome community. Let’s do it! Just don’t overdo it is all I’m saying.<3