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My life is dominated by a general lack of time, as is the case with many humans. Working at a 3 to midnight leaves me bare little time for lots of leisure.


Also, sleeping is super nice.

Combined that with the mass of gaming choices and you could see the problem I’m having…first-world though it may be. So I figured setting up a schedule would be helpful. Here’s how my thought processes went.

The lack of time was my prompt, but I felt that alliteration would help to make the whole idea stick. So I’ll be setting up my gaming days based on what I’m liking:

  • Tamriel Tuesday
  • WildStar Wednesday
  • Final Fantasy Friday
  • Blade and Soul Sunday

As you’ve noticed, I left a few days of the week out of there, which I’ll be making freeform to play whatever I have whim to, be it something already schefuled or something completely different. In my mind, this will eliminate the potential problem of making this all feel like a drill.


I have enough paperwork in my life.

The benefits of this schedule are threefold. First and foremost, it gives me a sense that I’m collecting my mess and taking control of it. Part of the malaise around a lack of time is how the time sinks can control you. This schedule gives me a feeling of taking that control back.

Second, I can use this as a motivator to play games that otherwise are shelved or on the backburner. The recent content patch for Final Fantasy XIV has dominated my playtime at the detriment to other titles, and that really is a bit of a shame.

Third, the exercise could also translate in to writing prompts. Folding my love of MMO’s in to regular blog content could be a welcome thing, especially for my readers.


Did I mention I’m a small blog? I’m a small blog.

Whether or not this will stick is all dependent on a few things. I feel like I have enough variety in my titles that burnout should be avoided, but the potential is always there. Especially if I repeat a few titles on the freeform days. It’s always going to be a thing for MMO’s it seems. Or gaming in general.

I also have the concern of following through on said schedule as well. This one is all on me, of course; the onus of effort falls to me and my ability to keep this up. I think I’ve got this set up for proper success, but then I felt the same about my blogging schedule and that fell through.

Because I’m lazy, admittedly. Which I’m sorry about.


Like I said…

With all this said, the alternative of continuing to feel underwater is a very motivating factor. I also like to think that others who follow this blog have similar problems, so hopefully I’ve inspired some of those folks. If that can offer some help to people then that would be considered a success in my mind. But first, it’s up to my efforts to see if it works before I can recommend others try it.

With that in mind, I’ll be trying this for at least three weeks to see how it all works and will be sure to write my findings here at that time. I think this all has potential to work…but I am most certainly open to suggestions, so feel free to offer them in the comments below.

In the meantime, it’s Sunday, which means time to make a bit of progress on my Destroyeress. Blade and Soul is a game that I need to find the fun in again, and hopefully this schedule will aid in that.