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As the news editor for MMOGames, I see a bunch of stories crawl across my feeds, and there are a few of these I have thoughts on or that strike my fancy enough that I’d like to expand upon them. That’s what this segment is all about; The Sunday Bundle, a weekly feature I’d like to try out for my blog.

I do want to mention that I’m not trying to drive business to those I work for or otherwise self-promote. I’m just taking a few moments to go over some favorite stories from the week. To that point, I’m not going to be directly linking to the stories in question.

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on this idea, so please let me know if this is even remotely interesting.


“Didn’t read it. Don’t care. Hate it.”

Players Share Strange Overwatch Scoring Bugs

This one struck my funny bone, especially the video where players watched in horror as their opponent’s score blasted to nine points. It appears to be a completely random event, but it’s randomness in execution is what’s ultimately funny to me.

I probably am less personally enraged at this bug than actual players of Overwatch due to the fact that the game doesn’t move me, but I totally can appreciate how frustrating this particular glitch can be. And I’m not trying to be mean or hate on Overwatch or people who play Competitive Mode. Truly, I’m not!

It’s just…my God that dismay is too funny.

16 Year-Old MMOFPS World War II Online Heading to Steam

This is just a neat story to me. A game that came out in 2001 is deciding to make a jump to Steam. Further, they’re doing a great deal of improvement to try to make it relevant to today’s FPS gamer and Steam consumer.

The reason I love this story is because it illustrates one very big reason why I love MMOs. They have the ability to adapt, grow and change over the course of years. That’s something that not even modern console games can really do, even in the age of Day One Patches and DLC.

In my heart of hearts I don’t think this game will make a splash…but I’m secretly hoping that it does.

Revelation Online CBT3 Confirmed With New CGI Trailer

I don’t care if Revelation Online turns out to be another cookie-cutter Asian MMORPG with flashy graphics but no substance. I also don’t care if people crap on the game simply because it’s from Korea. I can’t help it. I love this stuff, and the trailer that was released for this game is just gorgeous.

The trailer leans on the Caring Healer trope pretty damn hard, but it’s also just a really touching piece of work. If you haven’t watched it already, I’d recommend doing so.

Against every better sense I have about this game, I remain intrigued by Revelation Online. Again…can’t help it.

Nostalrius Backpedals on Code Transfer to Elysium

From the pretty to the kinda-weird, this is a story in two parts. Part the first involves Nostalrius saying that releasing their emu code to Elysium was a mistake, and that the ill will of the World of Warcraft community’s perception of Nostalrius supporters as pirates is overshadowing the mission to make a vanilla WoW server.

I should mention that I have no horse in this race. I don’t really care for World of Warcraft and haven’t held emotions about it since my tenure ended after Wrath’s release. That said, all accounts seem to indicate that WoW’s live game is just wonderful and that vanilla WoW is where it ought to be – in the past.

Still, I can’t help but appreciate the feelings of those who want a classic server, and I kind of felt like the Nostalrius folks made the right move, even if that move was too little, too late…

Elysium to Nostalrius Shutdown Request: “Elysium Will Prevail”

…especially in light of Elysium’s answer.

I’m gonna be honest, this sounds a lot like a baby tossing its toys out of a pram here. Discounting assumptions that Elysium haven’t actually done any real development on their emu code and are just copy-pasting Nostalrius, the whole affair feels petty and utterly misses the point of the press for a legit vanilla WoW server.

There’s no way to dress up this pig, folks. Yer pirates. And if you think pirating a game or running an emu is a great way to bring back a classic game, ask the folks who played Star Wars Galaxies how that plan works. Though at least with the SWG emu, there doesn’t seem to be any delusions of “fighting the power”.

So that’s this first edition of The Sunday Bundle. I hope you guys found it interesting, and if you have thoughts about this feature or any of the stories, please be sure to let me know.

Thanks for indulging me, guys n’ gals. ❤