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As the news editor for MMOGames, I see a bunch of stories crawl across my feeds, and there are a few of these I have thoughts on or that strike my fancy enough that I’d like to expand upon them. That’s what this segment is all about; The Sunday Bundle.

Another week done and dusted, and overall I’ve got to say that this news cycle has been pretty quiet overall. Which is to be expected, I suppose, what with no cons or other things going on. Still, there were a few pieces of news that crossed my path that I wanted to expand on. So, shall we?


Let’s get this over with, I’ve got important things to do.

New Weapons Shown Off in Splatoon 2 Gameplay Footage

I’m starting off with this one simply because I can’t say enough about Splatoon. While my feelings about Zelda: Breath of the Wild are a bit more conflicted, this one is an absolute lock for me and will likely be the game that makes me buy a Nintendo Switch.

I saw an article somewhere asking if we really needed a Splatoon 2, and my answer is “Maybe not, but the Switch does”, and speaking personally I totally need a Splatoon 2. This game looks like more of what made the first one great with enough new stuff to keep things fresh.

Splatoon is the antithesis of every “serious FPS” game out there; a neon-colored check to keep the tuffbro shooters in balance, and I can’t wait for more.

Atlas Reactor Free to Play After Season 2 Launch

While this, arguably, should have been the business model Atlas Reactor should have launched with at the start, the second season making the game completely free to play is a wise move for a title that, in my opinion, is still criminally underrated.

By my own admission I haven’t played the game a lot recently. That said, it still is an adored game and one that made me actually find enjoyment in PvP, so it has already earned my respect as well as my money. It’s my fervent hope that this move will see the title grow further, because Atlas Reactor really is a game that deserves it.

Seriously, if you’re even passing curious, give it a look.

Shroud of the Avatar Community Charity Started for Cancer Patient

So this is a story that came to my attention through a Twitter mention, asking for a simple retweet. I wanted to try and do one better and give the story full attention because I hoped that it would spread the word as well as offer readers something a little hopeful and inspiring to read.

As of this blog’s writing, the fund for Mr. Rhea has raised over $12k, which is pretty damn awesome, but falls below half of the asked-for $25k. I genuinely hope that this further spreads, because seriously, fuck cancer.

Beyond the money total, though, it was just awesome to see – and report on – a game’s community pulling together in support. That will always get my adoration.

Craft a Better Body with Crowfall Necromancy

This is, without question, one of the neatest applications of necromancy I have ever heard of in any MMO. Crowfall is taking what is generally a spoopy pet class and making it a crafting profession, letting players be Dr. Frankensteins.

Yep, you literally harvest dead body parts, renew them, and them bring them to life for other players to use. It’s a suit of armor made of flesh and bone. It’s probably one of the most challenging crafting professions I’ve ever heard about.

And it’s the idea that’s moved my interest in Crowfall from “passing fancy” to “want it now”.

Revelation Online Cash Shop Promotion Offered During CBT3

So last week I talked about how much I was looking forward to Revelation Online in spite of all of those warning flags in my head about it. This week, those warning flags became far more numerous with this bit of news.

Basically, those who are playing in the current closed beta of the game are being offered a special promotion for buying cash shop currency. Now the deal itself is actually pretty nice; you get 15% more funny money on top of what you buy, and all of the funny money is returned to your account once open beta starts.

However, I can’t shake the sense that this heavy amount of double-paying behavior is going to inform their cash shop design decisions as well as their overall game design decisions. If they can get people to pay money during a test, what other pay walls will they build?

I still wanna try Revelation Online, but I gotta say this news has cooled my interest just a bit.

As before, if anyone reading has thoughts about these stories or about this weekly post idea in general, be sure to share them with me. Thanks, as always, for reading and I shall see you next week. ❤