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As the news editor for MMOGames, I see a bunch of stories crawl across my feeds, and there are a few of these I have thoughts on or that strike my fancy enough that I’d like to expand upon them. That’s what this segment is all about; The Sunday Bundle.

This week’s world news has been…difficult, to say the least. If you’ve been following current events and my personal Twitter, I apologize for not exactly using the latter to help folks escape from the former. It’s my fervent hope that this week’s edition of the Sunday Bundle will offer a bit of a breather from the maelstrom outside.


Let’s talk videogames, shall we?

Camelot Unchained’s C.U.B.E. Adds Round Objects

C.U.B.E. has been one of the more interesting yet understated features of Camelot Unchained for me. Honestly, anything that lets me dink around with creating buildings from scratch is likely going to be more interesting than the base game will be. So hearing that C.U.B.E. enables more rounded objects is good news indeed.

That’s not to say that the tool was limited currently. People have been creating some pretty dazzling stuff if screenshots are to be believed, but the ability to morph cubes in to more natural-looking shapes just means that things are about to get even more creative.

Really, this story is less about the story itself and more about seeing what players are going to do with it.

Wings and Mounts Displayed in Revelation Online Travel Trailer

Yep, I’m going on about this game again. I’ve had some remarks about Revelation Online every week now, but I just can’t help it. Just when I think this game causes me concern, something else comes up that makes me intrigued all over again.

Creating characters and dressing them up is one of my all-time favorite MMORPG pastimes, so seeing a video demonstrate the amount of creative and unique ways fast travel plays in to a character’s identity is always going to spark my interest. I am in particular love with a lot of the more tech-leaning designs in this game. It’s got this steampunk-meets-sci-fi thing that endears me to stuff like WildStar or the Machinist in XIV.

Also, the trailer’s announcer is just so jacked for every copy he reads. He’s like the trailer equivalent of Randy Savage.

WildStar Previews the Coldblood Citadel Dungeon

Speaking of WildStar, this little preview pushed my eyeballs to the WildStar launcher once again, reminding me that there are some damn lovely people whom I need to play with and a lot of content I am yet to experience.

Writing about WildStar is always an odd sensation for me, because there’s always this sense that people have already made up their mind about the game no matter what new things it does. Still, it’s just nice to see those new things coming to Nexus, and Coldblood Citadel looks like an interesting encounter. I just love fighting the Osun anyway.

I’m not sure if I’m going to leap right in due to my ongoing personal indifference to MMOs, but feeling my interest in this content makes me think that perhaps I’m breaking that fever a little.

Final Fantasy XIV Drama Series Coming to Japan

MMO indifference or not, it’s hard for someone who has “daddy issues” to not be touched by this story’s details. The upcoming Japanese TV drama based on a blogger’s recount of how he and his gaming dad got closer by playing Final Fantasy XIV is just too sweet to ignore.

Of course, not being able to read Japanese, I’m not sure how the whole matter has played out, but the setup sounds like it’s perfect for television; a son who feels like he has no father buys his dad a copy of XIV and some game time, then anonymously helps him out with content in the game. Do the two connect? What happens when the identity of the father’s benefactor is revealed? I really wanna know, and I really hope this series gets subtitled for global release.

Also, I really hope that very unfortunate “Daddy of Light” subtitle for the series gets changed.

ARK TEK Tier Release Date Confirmed

This content right here is very nearly making me want to play ARK: Survival Evolved. A game that looked like more hardcore, boring, open PvP sandbox shovelware has slowly impressed me with its sense of fun and whimsy with the game’s recent content events, and adding high-tech weapons to what’s otherwise a dinosaur title just delights me to no end.

Really, any developer that has the guts to go as goofball as possible in the name of fun with their content design deserves at least respect if not fiscal support. Studio Wildcard has very obviously begun to consider whether things they add to ARK are enjoyable instead of whether it makes sense, and I absolutely support that.

Also, that little nine-year-old in me just loves the idea of riding on the back of a T-Rex and firing plasma bolts at things.


Back to the subject of current events; I genuinely hope that talking about games isn’t dismissive of the struggles in the real world. I hope that this has been enjoyable and has offered a little oxygen. Thanks for reading, as always, and I will see you on Tuesday. ❤