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As the news editor for MMOGames, I see a bunch of stories crawl across my feeds, and there are a few of these I have thoughts on or that strike my fancy enough that I’d like to expand upon them. That’s what this segment is all about; The Sunday Bundle.

This week’s MMO news has been full of Elder Scrolls, reminders of games I really should play more, and Conan Exiles cocks. So it’s been a lot of fun to witness, really. Though some stories have, admittedly, been more fun to follow than others.


Take a wild guess which one.

Conan Exiles Customization Includes Male Genital Options

I’ll get this one out of the way first and foremost. This is absolutely a story I’d never thought I’d see, and it all made me so deliriously happy for no reason whatsoever. The revelation that Conan Exiles not only includes modifiable pingas at character creation but also give the boys an entire physics engine was just too good to ignore.

I assume that there are a few other things Conan Exiles does reasonably well, but making male avatars with as much anatomical attention as female avatars usually get is a remarkable thing in MMOs and game design in general. I’m not saying that including floppy dick is going to destroy sexism or anything like that, but the decision makes an impact beyond the initial shock of seeing cock’n’bawls. It struck me as a playful wink to say “If you want jibbly titties you’d better be okay with wobblecocks too, bub.”

Astralis Upsets Virtus.Pro in ELeague Major Victory

I’m giving a nod to this story not for the actual content itself so much as what it meant for eSports as a spectator event. I watched this Grand Final on network television, which is something I never would have imagined would happen…well, ever, frankly!

The best part about this event was that the barrier of entry to keep up with the action wasn’t really high. When I’ve watched things like LoL or HotS tournaments, I often find myself kind of lost and not terribly invested. The ELeague Major was simple to follow, well-presented and harrowing to see play out, which overall made for some great viewing. I truly hope more eSports events like this get broadcast on TV.

Heavy Metal Machines Open Beta Begins Today

I don’t know just what it is about Heavy Metal Machines that appeals to me, but it just does. Maybe it’s the sense of style. Maybe it’s the kind of gameplay that it offers bringing me back to my time when I played Rock N’ Roll Racing for weeks on end. Or maybe it’s just because it’s an overall unique thing in multiplayer gaming. Whatever it is, this game’s arrival feels pretty timely.

I don’t expect it to set the world on fire, but I also wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it got a pretty damn solid following as well. It sort of toes the line between being so obscure that it flies under the radar yet too different to be considered comfortable, but I honestly hope that Heavy Metal Machines finds a fanbase. I’ll probably sneak in at one point or another and slake my curiosity.

Black Desert Online Dark Knight Western Release Confirmed

Speaking of wanting to play, this one has me pretty amped up. Ever since this class was announced a few months ago, I’ve been wanting to know when the Western version of Black Desert Online will get the Dark Knight, and this week we finally got an answer.

Black Desert Online is another one of those MMOs that kind of eludes my attention, but sometimes the right class is enough to get me invested once again and the Dark Knight could very well be that class. It’s just so lovely looking in that Asian MMO way, and the few skills I’ve seen in action look like a lot of fun. Will this be the hook that sets BDO in and makes me experience everything else the game offers? Hard to say, but it’ll be worth a look at least.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Officially Announced

Yep, couldn’t have gone through a weekly MMO news wrap-up without talking about TESO’s upcoming expansion. Ever since people found out that Vvardenfell was in the game files, it’s been getting people excited, and seeing the confirmation announcement and how happy it made people is infectious.

In fact, it’s so infectious that it got my husband curious enough to buy-in and me re-entering the game. While it sort of sucks I have to start from the beginning, I’m taking lessons learned from previous attempts at playing much closer to heart; instead of making a wizard who wears both light and heavy gear, swings a giant sword and also is a werewolf, I’m narrowing focus to a heavily-armored, sword and shield healy Templar. It’s a shame I can’t make the nutty character I want, but so be it. We’ll see if the third time’s the charm.

Conan Exiles Pirated Due to Error, Funcom Shrugs

I close out this week with Conan Exiles because everything in this story struck me as interesting. Basically, the game was updated with a version that didn’t include copy protection and pirates immediately pounced on the opportunity. But rather than get enraged at the matter or try to pile on extra layers of DRM nonsense, Funcom just said “Eh, it happens.”

There’s plenty of folks who would say “Well it’s about time a game company did that, DRM is just screwing paying customers and game publishers are rich!”, but we’re talking about a company that isn’t exactly rolling in huge revenues. Despite this, they admitted their error, patched it up as swiftly as they could have possibly done, and even invited those that pirated the game to buy a legit copy to get new stuff. Since it still holds the top spot of Steam sales as of this writing, it’s definitely easy for them to be relaxed, but it still deserves a nod of respect in my opinion.

This week’s MMO news has been a reminder of just how enjoyable and entertaining this genre can get. No matter what people say, this stuff is fun to be a part of, and the news was definitely a great reminder of that. It’s still early in the year, but this past week has definitely been the most fun so far.