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It’s a snowy day here where I live. Not the oppressive sort of snow, but the idyllic kind that you see on myriad Christmas cards, where the flakes have been steadily and gently falling. It’s a good day to be dressed down with a mug of freshly brewed chai and just be generally pleased with the simplicity of things.

Why the mise en scène? Because I wanted a reason to use the phrase “mise en scène”. Let’s recap the news!


Man, I am so funny. I should do an open mic night next.

Redside Seeks to Create a City of Villains Successor

Okay, so this one kind of has me tilting my head and sidefrowning a bit. First of all, I have to say that I love the idea of a City of Villains successor game. CoV had some really great ideas in it and illustrated how Paragon/Cryptic had gotten more comfortable with their game and their world. That said, there’s not a lot of anything in this project that excites me.

I would probably feel better about this idea if it had a clearer plan or had at least something to demonstrate beyond a collection of hopes and dreams on paper at an unreasonably meager cost of $45k. As of this writing, it seems like I’m not alone; the project has three backers and $145 pledged by three backers.

Terry Crews Reads a Mock Doomfist Audition

Okay, Blizzard? I know you’re totally reading this because I am a very influential and popular internet person. Listen to me here. Kay? Listening? Course you are.

Give. Crews. The role.

I think the man desperately could use direction on how Doomfist should sound and he should probably leave the character writing to the game’s writers, but it’s very obvious that Terry Crews really wants to play Doomfist. He wants it, the fans want it…just…don’t pull another Sombra ARG here, okay guys? Make the announcement already.

Final Fantasy XIV HoloLens Mock-Up Envisions a Futuristic UI

File this one under “fluff piece that is really awesome”; a Japanese fan put together a mock demonstration of how Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality headset could make playing MMOs more unique and utilitarian, breaking pieces of the game’s HUD into separate, floating UI elements that frame the gameplay monitor.

I’m not really sure this is an idea that has traction. or if HoloLens is even something that is going to become a remotely mainstream thing. Still, I always like seeing new and interesting tech applied to real life, and this is just too cool to ignore.

E3 2017 Tickets Going On Sale to the General Public

This is some pretty astonishing news to me. I’ve never really known E3 to be anything more than an industry and press event, even with its slow admittance of “prosumers” to the show, which is probably the dumbest portmanteau I’ve ever seen by the way.

On point: E3 offering ticket sales for general admission is awesome, and it’s another way of making one of the larger events in gaming just a bit more interesting. Considering this show is being overshadowed by the likes of PAX and Gamescom, this is a smart move. Now it’s just a question of whether the event can reclaim its status as the premier platform for gaming announcements.

Hey, look, I’ve been following E3 since back in my days of reading hard copies of EGM, okay? Sue me if I want the event to rise again.

The Crowfall Templar Powers Video is Very Shiny

Yep, writing about Crowfall again. But for once, it’s about one of the game’s combat classes instead of its crafting. I was almost sure that I was going to be Guinecean for lyfe when I saw that little pudgy flufferbutt, but watching this archetype do her thing has changed my mind a bit.

I blame my tanking sensibilities here. Considering the number of tricks up her sleeve, the Templar sounds like a class that would draw a lot of attention, which means that my imaginary team of friendly and understanding guildmates who all think I’m desperately handsome and witty would very sneakily flank the enemy attacking me. And then we’d all go home and sip hot chocolate and eat peanut brittle.

…sorry, I’m fantasizing about Crowfall again.

If you’ll excuse me, my previous beautiful scene of snow falling is slowly coming a bit undone. The snow has stopped, which means I should probably shovel the stairs and my chai tea is getting cold. Ah, reality.