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I don’t like World of Warcraft very much.

ow the edge

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Believe me, I’ve tried, but at the same time I’ve always bounced off of it. I have no idea what the characters are doing or what the story is about, and I don’t have any nostalgic feelings tied to the game and so can’t bring myself to care.

Yet here I sit, subscribed to the game and with Battle for Azeroth pre-ordered. All that’s missing is a hat that reads “I’m a big fat hypocrite.” So what gives? It’s because of friends.

Pretty much everyone in my immediate vicinity is entrenched in World of Warcraft, both friends and even my husband, though not quite as much. And so, with Battle for Azeroth making its way to live and with the game’s sub fee paying for every expansion save the latest, I wanted to see if good humans were the missing link.

And near as I can figure, it has been. Up to a point, anyway.

A friend and I were just rumbling about one of the lowbie zones on my lowbie character and theirs and it was the single most fun I’d had playing the game in a long time. Funny how MMOs are more fun with people, isn’t it?


Even my pandaman gets bored in the presence of a king. Friends are better.

So I went ahead and ate the 110 boost, got through the meager onboarding process…and then ran face-first into a brick wall of not knowing what to do and all of the aggravation associated with it. How much do I need to unlock? Is anything I’m doing important now? Should I do everything? Nothing?

Worse yet, the majority of the more commonly referenced places for help are just the worst in terms of visuals. Wowhead in particular is the most egregious, rising to the top of nearly every search attempt I made regarding my queries yet also providing me with no answers. The site looks like a Reddit comment thread and Microsoft Excel had drunken sex, and the majority of the information presented felt like it was written for people far more entrenched than I.


“Congrats! You have a now-obsolete weapon! Way to go, you…you!”

So again, what the hell is it I’m doing? Honestly, the people I want to play with are absolutely worth it.

Yes, I 100% concede that I bowed to peer pressure like a rope bridge bearing an elephant. But I keep hearing about how this expansion is pretty much putting people back to square one so to speak and I want to be there to discover the new things with these folks. I want to learn how to tank encounters for them, join them on whatever little dailies they maybe will grind out, learn what the hell Mythics are. Maybe even try raids.

And as much as I’m whining about WoW’s onboarding for the long-removed player, there are things I’m liking. I adore the Pandaren race. I am enjoying what little bit of Brewmaster Monk I’m able to play. Most of all, I’m eager to figure out how to use the class and become a tank for my friends.

wow brewmaster boy

Fat, enjoys alcohol, would protect his friends…this dude is ME.

I really don’t want to admit I’ve made an egregious error. My friends would rather me go away than play something I don’t like. I’ve been told as much. But I want to be there with and for them…and, honestly, I’m tired of playing MMOs alone.

There are at least two other MMORPGs that I’d rather be playing as a video game, but none of them have the friend connection that I want. And I honestly don’t feel like trying to verify people I’ve not met in those games. That sounds lazy I admit, but that’s the quality of humans I’ve been blessed enough to be exposed to.

So, yeah. That’s where World of Warcraft and myself are at right now. We’ll see if I feel differently after some time in BFA, but for now I’m both annoyed at this game and excited to be with friends. Like being at their birthday party and hating the type of music they’re playing, but putting up with it because they’re good people.

By the way, I’m only going to be playing with those folks. I’m taking a full isolationist stance on meeting new people in this game. Why? Well, that’s a subject for another post.

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