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Pardon the stupid title. I’m feeling kind of free-flowing with today’s post.

If you follow my Twitter feed, I’m sorry. Also, you perhaps have been exposed to some general malaise about the need to have two jobs, particularly since the second job is a soul-crushing but necessary for survival in capitalist America hellscape that is casino customer service (again, I’m sorry). Now that I’ve been writing professionally for a little bit, I’m starting to get it in my head that I’m capable of doing more writing. Self-published writing.

I’m not trying to necessarily call myself accomplished enough of a scribe to do this outright. In fact, my abject lack of confidence as well as a whole lot of imposter syndrome has stayed my hand for a while. Even so, I kind of wanted to share my mindset here in an attempt to see if putting these thoughts on a page would be a motivator.

Also, I’m probably fishing for compliments on a subconscious level.

Almost every thought in this direction leans towards fiction, because I would like to believe I have a bit of strength in terms of creative writing, though I haven’t really shared that openly save for in roleplaying in MMOs. Still, this is the sort of stuff I like to write the most about. Not to suggest that writing news stories or columns about games isn’t also enjoyable, just enjoyable in a different way. Except for writing about awful industry news, obviously.

Additionally, I am pretty sure most of my writing would be fantasy. I sort of would like to try a hand at sci-fi as well, but I also feel like I would get too mired in minutia with that genre. Like there will be an obsessive amount of forethought to make sure all of the technical pieces fit. I’m not quite sure of that yet, honestly.

In the end, I do know that whatever genre I write, I have a desire to do something humorous. I sort of feel like a sense of humor is missing from fantasy and especially sci-fi and I’d like to try to change that. There are also other angles I’d like to try a hand at, too, like purely adventurous things or possibly some slightly smutty things, or maybe a little bit from all three. All I know for sure is that I want whatever I write to be a fun thing to read.

So what sorts of stories would I like to tell, then? I’ve concepted a post-apoc story about a wandering chef who tries to make people feel good and cook nice food for folks. I’ve been intrigued by the Twitter account A Small Fiction’s idea of creating a collection of micro-stories or short stories. I also kind of want to write a sci-fi book that lances mecha anime a little bit, mostly because I like big robots very much.

Again, I’m not completely certain where to go here. Or even if these ideas will form into anything more than nebulous ideas and dreams that I’m too scared to pursue. But then, much like livestreaming, perhaps the point is to just… do it.

Or not.