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Yep, I’m pretty much ripping off other bloggers’ post ideas for today’s posting. In my defense, I don’t make this a regular feature on my blog, so I think that gives me a free pass. Also, like, it’s Blaugust 2021, y’all. Sometimes post ideas are hard to drudge up.

Whining notwithstanding, I actually am beginning to find that putting down some long-reaching gaming goals is pretty helpful for keeping motivated in multiplayer and MMO titles. So with that in mind, I felt that I should share a few of the things I’m reaching for in my favorite titles.

First off, I’ll start with my game of the moment, Final Fantasy XIV. As I wrote about at the beginning of this month, I’m generally pumped up to do content again instead of only roleplay in the game by the sheer latent energy of Belghast’s Super Dungeon Friends community (seriously, check ’em out), but up until semi-recently I didn’t really have any sort of specific goal in mind other than to maybe do roulettes every day for gear. That’s a fine enough goal but it also didn’t really strike my fancy. However, a bit of in-character roleplay development has me zeroing in on one thing:

Level up a Gunbreaker to 80 and kit it out.

I actually find myself missing tanking in XIV believe it or not. I guess a roughly four year-long hiatus from the playstyle did the trick. And while I absolutely adore the Dancer class, I have to say that the Gunbreaker is absolutely delighting me with its aggressive playstyle. I don’t necessarily feel like I’m a tank, but I also sort of dig how I’m a DPSer who’s allowed to lead the group. Also, as I mentioned, it slots in well with where my character is in terms of her development and story.

Next is Elite: Dangerous, and I will admit that this game has sort of fallen to the wayside a bit for me as I mentioned in another prior blog. That said, I once more think it’s because of a lack of long-reaching goals here (as well as being affected by an overall player malaise). And while the things that are possible in Odyssey in terms of character advancement are interesting enough, they also feel a bit too long-tailed. So I’m going to follow a chase that seems more attainable:

Unlock Guardian and Engineering things.

Look, if there are any E:D players reading this, I get it. I’m stupendously late to the Guardian and Engineering party. I should have had this stuff by now. But at the same time, I was also slowly figuring out how to play the game and being delighted at the slow progress and building of skill and confidence of simply doing basic stuff. Now, though, it’s high time that I chase those goals. And who knows? Maybe by that point the grind to kit up armor and weapons will feel less arduous.

Finally, Dauntless, a game that I play off and on but always have a great time in when I do. I feel like I’ve kind of hit the tippy-top in this game, but there are a couple of goals that I’d like to see ticked off:

Get to farm levels of comfort against the Chronovore and wear his outfit.

Mastering a fight in Dauntless is always a fun goal, and while most of the monsters in the game I’m generally familiar with, the recently added Chronovore still has some tricks that trip me up. So, with that in mind, I want to throw myself into that arena a few times, see if I can’t study the fight and learn it, and ultimately get the last few materials I need to craft his armor.

Incidentally, I kind of want to chase more Escalations in the game, primarily for some of the legendary weapons that the apex monsters in hard mode drop. It’s just a question of settling on which one to chase. Depending on how they work with my builds, maybe I’ll go for ’em all… but that’s, once again, a pretty long-tailed goal.