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Blaugust, as well as the Newbie Blogger Initiative, are the things that got me in to the idea that writing fully should happen.  So the fact that things have pretty much come full circle for me with my young entry to the blogosphere has me pretty excited.  This year, I will be partaking in the Blaugust festivities, and I wanted to put up a quick post with my hopes for what this whole thin could provide for me, personally.

First off, as a couple of posts down illustrated, I had sort of lost my mojo for writing for a time, forgetting completely the point of why I began doing this in the first place.  I had forgotten how good it felt to get word to digital page, and I had forgotten how amazing it was that people were peeking in at what I was doing, no matter how few.  It’s my hope, then, that this Blaugust attempt will remind me of just how much I enjoy doing this as a little hobby.

Second, I hope that this initiative gives me the impetus to perhaps increase my output.  The advice that was graciously granted to me was to not stress over something that was being done for fun…but at the same time I still feel as though ideas that come to my head should maybe see the light of day quicker.  I literally have shower time post epiphanies.  So, ideally, this little exercise will see me really ramp up output, or at the very least commit spawning ideas to a draft.

Not surprisingly, there’s a product that tries to capitalize on shower time epiphanies.

Third, I wanna further stoke my writing fires.  I feel good about this blog, what I’ve put out there and when I do it…but the idea of challenging myself to put out something on a daily basis for a month could either be a steamroller or a motivator.  The excitement and support of the blogger who started this concept is infectious, however.  Much like exercise, the starting ought to be the hardest part, but getting in to a rhythm, hopefully, will motivate me in ways that only 80’s power-rock “You can do it, champ!” could.

Now I realize there is a lot of “hopes” in this post…but really, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?  What else is a challenge other than to try, to hope, to make an attempt?  Even if I fall apart into a shriveled writing-husk by day 10, at the least I can say that an attempt was made, and I will know that what I have been doing is enough.

Oh, one last hope…I hope you’ll all enjoy the journey with me as I make the run.  And I also hope that you guys and gals will hand me, like, a little paper cup of water as I run this marathon.

Or at least a pizza.