ArenaNet and the Price Paid


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By now, everyone has had more than enough time to process the matter of ArenaNet’s actions against two of the writers of Guild Wars 2, including the resultant blowback that still seems to be washing onward at the point of my writing this blog. As someone who likes to follow and write about MMOs and multiplayer games, there’s something of a compulsion to provide my own opinion on the whole sorry affair, but there’s also quite a lot of thoughts I would like to get off of my chest.

Before I begin, though, I do want to mention that links that I provide in this post are very likely going to direct to some unpleasant content, so if that’s a sensitive spot for you, then I implore you to not click any links in this post if that will cause you to be upset.

puffy boy

I’ll also be including pictures of owls to further smooth the edges.

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Glomping the Ghost Widow


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This blog post was prompted almost immediately by this morning’s Daily Grind topic on Massively Overpowered, which opens the comment box to any number of interesting MMO and multiplayer-related questions. Today’s question: who’s the best MMO villain?

My answer was just as immediate as this writing prompt inspiration: Ghost Widow from City of Heroes. And when I realized that I could run on and on about her, I decided to spare the MOP comment section my diatribe and take to my personal space to elaborate.


As if her design wasn’t explanation enough.

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How D&D Wrecked MMOs (For Now)


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I’ll be the first to admit that, right from the offset, this is probably the most first-worldliest of first-world problems. That said, it’s something that I felt important to write about; how running my very own D&D stories has brought more engagement, entertainment and joy than any other MMORPG experience I’ve had thus far.

Yes, even my much-beloved City of Heroes.

statesman yo

“…you two-timing sunuvabitch…”

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A Pirate’s Life for Some


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Over the past couple of weekends, Sea of Thieves has been running some stress tests. Granted, these are specifically meant to push the walls of their server capacity and are less about refining game systems or even adding new game systems entirely. With that said, my time in-game and in the forums has shown me that Rare Ltd. have a lot to do and a number of unanswered questions related to player griefing and its form of PvP.


Or what I’m referring to as “Ferry of the Damned Syndrome”.

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The Way Forward for Destiny 2


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I haven’t booted up Destiny 2 since Curse of Osiris launched. Generally speaking, I’m the kind of guy who just goes to another game if the one he’s playing disappoints, so that’s been my solution to the problem. That said, I’ve certainly been eyeballing the uproar with the playerbase and its view of Destiny 2, so I’ve been waiting along with many to see what Bungie would respond with.

On Friday, they finally did, and I wanted to share my own thoughts on the matter as a more casual player of Destiny 2.


Or in other words, “someone who only sees what raid content looks like via others’ screenshots.”

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My 2017 in Gaming


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Look, you can’t be completely surprised by seeing this topic on my blog; it’s kind of typical of this time of year to look back at what was and I actually was asked in the Discord server I help run. So while it might be par for the course to write these sorts of things, my responses might not be expected.


To further entice you to stay, here’s a puppy picture.

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Dauntless vs. Monster Hunter World (So Far)


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When I was writing my preview piece for the Dauntless Sharpen Your Skills update, I made a passing mention of how I can’t fully compare Dauntless and the upcoming Monster Hunter World because, technically, neither game is finished or fully released yet.

That doesn’t mean I can’t do it on my own personal blog, though!

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171209191351

Also, I really just like sharing screenshots from these games, honestly.

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Wolfy’s Most Anticipated Games of 2018


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This is pretty much expected behavior for people who like to write about video games, I figure. So to further extend assumptions, I will now openly admit that I’m writing this in the hopes that I get all the free stuff from the games I mention.

mailbox money

In fact just writing that lead-in brought me about $35.

But seriously, though, whatever you feel about 2017 in terms of real-life things, it has been a great year for games and next year is looking pretty solid as well. So I wanted to wiggle excitedly in the direction of upcoming titles that I have no basis for anticipation for other than marketing speak and second-hand experience. Because piss off I like being excited.

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Monster Hunter World Beta Through Wolfy’s Eyes


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I’m a bit of a new arrival to the Monster Hunter series, having my first hands on the game with the fun-to-play but miserable-to-control Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. I was pretty much hooked from there and have played several of the DS editions, but with Monster Hunter World we finally see this series get the high fidelity and attention it so richly deserves.

Monster Hunter: World Beta_20171209140050

And nothing says “high fidelity” like well-textured digital meat.

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